A gemstone is just a gemstone. Like gems exist in the real world, so there are gems in the metaverse. We created the first collection of 10.000 gemstones in the metaverse, just like nature did it in the real world.


We are the creative team of Minty Sky jewelry. For almost 10 years we have been inspired by natural gemstones when creating jewelry. We are able see beauty where many can not see it. We, a designer, a photographer, an artist and a jeweler, created the Body-positive gems NFT project to change the archaic rules of gem evaluation in the spirit of “the more clear the better”.

Team leader, designer, gem lover
Photographer, designer
Artist, gem lover
Gem lover, jeweler
We created Body-positive gems NFT collection for two reasons. First, we would like to show that gemstones with inclusions are as beautiful as pure-colored stones without them. At the same time in the real world a tradition has already developed to evaluate stones by color and purity. And we wonder if we can overcome this tradition in the metaverse. Who knows, maybe the most expensive and popular gemstones will be gemstones with inclusions.
There are definitely more than 10,000 stones in the real world. And we won't stop there. We plan to release two more collections with other characteristics.
Inspiring photos of gemstones and jewelry made by Liz and Hoshi
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